Green PVC Coated Canada Heavy Duty Steel T Post

Product Details

The green PVC coated Canada heavy duty steel T post is a special dimension compare to light duty T post. It is made of Q195, Q235 or rail steel but with thicker thickness and bigger dimension. So the heavy weight metal T post can be used in most of hard environment which light duty post can not fit.
The heavy duty T-post has the same machine process like treated by shot blasting, straightening firstly and then painted by advanced painting equipment to make the surface beautiful and glossy. The surface of light duty metal T fence post is covered by PVC resin to ensure properties of good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, nice appearance and long lift time. 
Besides the most common sizes of Canada T fence post listed in the following table, other sizes and color can be produced according to customers'requirements. The size and quantity of holes on steel T post can be machined according to drawing or request.

Canada heavy duty T fence post(with holes)



Heavy Duty

1.33 LBS/FT








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