Zinc Steel Guardrail Characteristics

1. Zinc steel substrate is a hot dip galvanized steel strip made of various specifications of galvanized steel, the use of high-end high-frequency welding technology, welded flat, rugged.

2. Zinc-coated steel tubes of the surface of the zinc content reaches 60-80mm/㎡, at room temperature can be 3-5 years not rust.

3. Zinc steel products are further deep processing of galvanized pipes, zinc steel guardrail process: mechanical processing → chemical treatment (to oil → ash → nano-ceramic → passivation) → electrostatic spraying (→ curing 220 ° high temperature imitation enamel curing) after multi-channel process to achieve more than 20 years of rust.

4. The biggest feature of zinc steel products is non-welding, zinc steel R & D fittings and tubing perfect combination, to achieve beautiful, solid and applicable, in line with the United States fence standards.

5. Product surface adopts powder spraying, its product appearance is beautiful, color can be freely matched, color wins rainbow, no welding interspersed combination, has ultra strong protective function, self-cleaning environmental protection, achieves the true meaning of the country advocate low carbon green life product.