Zinc Steel Balcony Guardrail Base Material

The base material of the zinc steel balcony guardrail consists of six layers, respectively:

(1) Steel layer: base material, hardness value of 159DPN;

(2) Zinc-steel alloy layer: The most close to the substrate of a dense layer of alloy, complex structure, strong corrosion resistance, to FEZN7 and FeZn13 combination exists, the hardness value of 211DPN, containing FE to 7%-11%;

(3) Lead layer: Significant single oblique column-like tissue, fe content of 6%, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, hardness value of 179DPN;

(4) Pure zinc layer: dense six-square crystal system, deformation processing is not easy to rupture, zinc purity 98.5%, hardness value of 70DPN;

(5) High zinc phosphating layer: with good corrosion resistance, and enhance the adhesion of coating and substrate;

(6) High-temperature curing layer: excellent anti-corrosion performance and impact resistance, with excellent ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and surface self-cleaning performance, color change rate of 15 years not more than 5%.