Use Range Of Steel Wire Mesh Skeleton Composite Pipe

Municipal Engineering: Urban construction water, drinking water, fire water, heat network backwater, gas, natural gas transmission, expressway buried drainage channels.

Oilfield gas field: Oily water, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, two oil recovery and collecting and conveying technology.

Chemical industry: acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, textiles, printing and dyeing, rubber and plastics industries to convey corrosive gases, liquids, solid powders and emission tubes.

Power Engineering: Process water, backwater, water supply, fire water, dedusting, waste and other conveying pipelines.

Metallurgical mines: Corrosion medium conveying and pulp, tailings, ventilation pipes and process tubes for nonferrous metals smelting.

Seawater transport: Seawater desalination plants, coastal power plants, sea water transport in the harbour city.

Shipbuilding: Marine sewage pipes, drainage pipes, ballast pipes, ventilation pipes and so on.

Agricultural sprinkler irrigation: deep wells, water pipes, culverts conveying pipes, drainage pipes, irrigation pipes and so on.