Use Of Anchor Bolts

1. Fixed anchor bolts also known as short anchor bolts, which are watered together with the foundation, used to fasten the equipment without strong vibrations and shocks.

2. The movable anchor Bolt is also known as the long anchor Bolt, which is a detachable anchor bolt used for a heavy-duty mechanical equipment with strong vibration and impact.

3. Expansion anchorage foot bolts are often used for stationary simple equipment or auxiliary equipment, expansion anchorage foot Bolt installation should meet the following requirements: Bolt Center to the base edge of the distance not less than 7 times times the expansion anchorage pin bolt diameter; The base strength of the mounting anchorage foot Bolt shall not be less than 10MPa; there shall be no cracks in the drill hole, to prevent the collision between the drill and the buried pipe, the diameter and depth of the borehole should be matched with the bulging anchorage pin Bolt.

4. Adhesion anchor bolts for the recent years commonly used a anchor bolt, the method and requirements of the expansion anchorage foot Bolt, but the adhesion to the attention of the hole in the debris blowing, and not damp.