Three Factors Influencing The Price Of Guardrail Net

1. Guardrail mesh material: ordinary wire fence pipe and mesh of the use of black material, the surface has not done any anti-corrosion anti-rust treatment, high-quality fence network adopts galvanized pipes (galvanized into hot dip galvanized and cold galvanized) processing welding, corrosion resistance and longer life.

Guardrail Mesh welding technology: fence mesh welding requirements without virtual welding, leakage welding, uniform solder joints, network surface smooth distortion and other phenomena.

3. Guardrail mesh Surface treatment process: ordinary guardrail mesh after welding directly to spray or impregnation treatment, high-quality guardrail nets to first spray, in addition to oil, derusting, phosphating, and then dip, such surface treatment of fence mesh paint adhesion more firmly, not easy to fall off, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, more strong, longer service life.

Through the above three points can be seen fence wire mesh price difference where, customers want to eyes, choose honesty merchants, do not covet cheap to buy the quality of the fence wire mesh products.