Thermal Insulation Of Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized steel wire mesh is divided into hot galvanized steel wire mesh with cold galvanized steel wire mesh Two kinds of wire mesh, it is the choice of high-quality low-carbon steel wire through the precision of automated mechanical technology of welding production, conventional British standard production so the net surface is very smooth and tidy, the structure is also very uniform, excellent overall performance, even if the local cutting will not be loose phenomenon.

Galvanized steel wire Mesh after zinc-plated corrosion resistance is excellent, has other wire mesh does not have the advantages, can be used to do the external wall insulation series, galvanized steel wire mesh in the insulation system has a very important structure, the construction of one-time pouring after the demolition of the insulation board and the wall, not only saves manpower and time also saves the installation costs.