New Fence Storage Matters

First of the new fence do not shine in the sun, to avoid rainwater scouring, because the profile before processing the protection of color coating, it is easy to form rust traces, as well as white spots, pipe stack layer not more than 5 layers, lest the bottom of the extrusion deformation, the transport process scratches pipe.

A new type of fence pipe in the early stage of the protection, in the late processing of the various conditions will be reduced, the new fence product quality should be incoming inspection, custody, production, after sale of a comprehensive check to produce high-quality guardrail.

The new fence should be kept properly before processing. If handled improperly, will appear in the pipe surface of various problems, if the emergence of white powder, rust, and so on, although after grinding and pickling steps, can be handled, but will add to the later production sector burden, indirectly increased production costs, so the new fence profiles must be good protection measures.