A Lot Of Advantages Of Green Belt Zinc Steel Fence

Beautiful appearance: Zinc steel green fence raw material steel pipe can be selected: square, circular, oval shape, the overall appearance of the fence can be made into vertical bar, bar shape, wavy, and the appearance of color can be made in the process of electrostatic spray: white, black, dark green, gem blue, yellow, red, matte color, such as Bai Xingyu color.

Substantial practical: Zinc steel green Belt fence production process mainly divided into: the demolition bolt connection and interspersed combination of two structures, in which the bolt all adopts the stainless steel material bolt, does not appear the reed, the rust, the rupture situation, interspersed the combination structure than the bolt connection is also the sturdy, the upright column and the transverse bar between the orderly alternation together, the wholeness is very strong, can resist the impact, the oppression.

Long service life: Zinc steel green fence from the substrate to the surface treatment, all attaches great importance to its corrosion resistance, zinc steel itself in the resistance to rust, and stainless steel, coupled with the surface of the multi-channel spray treatment, can ensure that the green belt fence 30 years not fade, not cracking, not deformed.