Characteristics of PE steel wire mesh skeleton composite Pipe

PE wire MESH Skeleton composite Pipe has the following 8 characteristics

1. Higher compressive strength and creep resistance.

2. With more than ordinary pure plastic pipe rigidity, impact resistance, similar to the low-line expansion coefficient of steel tubes.

3. The inner wall is smooth, non-scaling, the friction resistance is small, the capacity of water conveyance is large and energy consumption is reduced.

4. Good corrosion resistance, pipe and exterior layer is plastic layer, with the same good anti-corrosion performance of plastic pipes.

5. Light weight, convenient handling and transportation.

6. The use of electro-fusion connection, the construction is fast and convenient, no leakage joints.

7. Because of the composite structure of steel and plastic materials, the rapid stress cracking phenomena of plastic pipes are overcome.

8. Good abrasion resistance, in normal use, life expectancy of 50 years.